The Law Firm of Nyareru & Associates Advocates was founded in February 2015. Although recently established, the firm has a wealth of Legal Partners who are talented Lawyers with qualifications and work experience, drawn from private legal practice and the public sector, thus putting us on a level with the other corporate commercial law firms in Kenya.

Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible whilst minimising the legal and regulatory risks, both within Kenya and further a field in Africa.

We intend to build strong associations with leading law firms in the East Africa Region and beyond to give us considerable strength in legal matters with an international or regional ingredient.

Scope of Service and Experience

The Firm has extensive experience in creating and advising on securities, including mortgages, charges, debentures, loan agreements for Banks, Micro-Finance Institutions and Lending companies, transfer of property and real estate rights’ transactions, long term leases for developments and sectional property transactions among others.

The Firm is committed to creatively and efficiently providing the full range of Commercial Law services and solutions for our corporate and business clients (i.e. local and foreign). We have been involved in the preparation of a wide range of custom made commercial and business agreements that meet the clients’ needs, advising on structuring of Local and International companies, both for profit and non-profit. We also form and register Trusts and Foundations. We undertake of due diligence for companies and give opinions in institutional, governance and ownership structures. The Firm also offers company secretarial services for corporate clients.

The Firm has been involved in Local and International adoptions. We offer consultation and litigation representation for Adoptions, Guardianships, Custody, Maintenance and other Family Law Applications.

The Firm undertakes matters ranging from highly complex and contentious Estate management matters to general Probate and Administration, including the preparation of Wills, Testimonials and In-House training on Succession matters.

The Firm offers a comprehensive employment law service providing employers, employees and self employed with advice on employment policies, contracts, termination, wages & benefits, collective bargaining, workplace safety, workmen’s compensation and pensions as well as dealing with employment related disputes.

Our firm has experience is handling election issues in court, our team provides experienced, knowledgeable counsel, Nyareru Bosire, Daniel Bosire & Victor Muriuki have represented candidates, major political parties, interest groups and individuals in a variety of disputes at the county level and even the Governors & MP’s campaign and nominations level.

The Firm provides comprehensive advice on carrying out business in Kenya and the various types of business vehicles available in Kenya. We incorporate public and private limited companies, register partnerships, businesses and private and public trusts.

In line with the global trend, the Firm is committed to ADR, with a specific focus on mediation. We strive to facilitate expeditious resolution of disputes while maintaining and mending the relationships involved. Key among our recognizable achievements in this area includes resolution of disputes involving families, registered societies, community groups and business persons.

The Firm prosecutes and defends Tort and Insurance claims, Debt Collection and Suits for premiums. We offer advice on insurance claims and contracts. We provide compliance, transactional and litigation services to insurers and to financial services industry generally.

We advise on the structuring and implementation of significant financial transactions including debt and equity issues and in relation to compliance with the local regulatory regime. We also provide opinions on Kenyan law to lenders, the Kenyan Government, its departments and rating agencies world-wide. In addition, we advise on dealing with locally established counterparties in particular on netting, derivatives and security and we are regularly involved in the preparation of documents for swaps, options, foreign exchange transactions and stock lending transactions.

The Firm has and continues to represent, guide and offer its legal services to the various co-operative societies in different parts of the country and more particularly in the agricultural sector which hosts the bulk of the cooperative movement especially in the coffee and tea sectors. The Firm has been instrumental in the dissemination and interpretation of the newly introduced compulsory registration of all public service vehicles into Cooperative Societies and has been involved in advising on compliance and implementation of this policy. We have handled Co-operative Societies disputes resolution through the established tribunal mechanism.

Our Team

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